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Kir by Koloszrodos
<da:thumb id="487246004">

I spent a fuckton of time doing it, but I coloured Kir!
In yo face

Now I can doubly claim this.

Kir (c) Me
Colours (c) Me
Lineart by Mark R.
Moki  Anatomy

General Biology

The Moki are an ancient race of bipedal creatures hailing from the now long gone Doremi-Rom system in the central Mutter's Spiral (Milky Way), specifically the planet and moon Reimia and Korim. The earliest Moki evolved on Korim, 7.1 Billion years ago.
Due to Korim's lack of a radiation-protective gas layer and Doremi's location not only in the young central milky way but also orbiting the small black hole Korp Rom, the Moki evolved with high radiation tolerance and dark grey skin.
The Moki breathe and talk through almost gill-like openings in their upper torso, their mouths are used exclusively for eating and facial expressions.
The Speech "gill" contains within it a complex system of small bones, muscle and "cartilage". The Moki can make a huge variety of sounds - best described in human terms as string instruments, and their harmonic language sounds like symphonies to human ears. They are, however, able to make sounds similar to humans, though they are too crude to use as a language.
The Moki possess six red eyes, two large refractive tetrachromatic eyes that see wavelenghts from ultraviolet to red, and four smaller bichromatic infrared eyes, allowing for detailed wide-spectrum vision. The refractive eyes possess a reflective tissue not unlike a Tapetum Lucidum to allow for great night-time vision.
The Moki are covered neck to claw with very fine, thin, almost invisible green-tinged hair and have thicker longer head hair which naturally comes in shades of green, blue, red, purple or pink, or very rarely black.
Moki skeletons are a natural sort of carbon fibre honeycomb, protecting their organs well and absorbing shock like a sponge, however Moki diets require a lot of carbon to maintain a healthy skeleton. The shape of the bones is very curvy and sharp, evolved as a protective mechanism to damage any creature which tore through their flesh.

Reproduction and Childhood

The Moki are hermaphroditic, possessing two sexual organs, the Depositor and the Mixsheath, equivalent to a human penis and vagina respectively. Moki reproduce sexually, but unlike Earth creatures that reproduce sexually, Moki need three gametes to create a zygote, meaning everyone has three parents. While the Moki do not have different sexes, they do have genders, or parent roles. These are fluid and have a physical sexual manifestation They are known as 'Carrier,' 'Seeder' and 'Mixer'. The choice of which to be is made consciously, and this affects the gametes produced.
---Alien Sex Reproductive Details after this Line---
Reproductive sex is fairly complicated and technically doesn't need any intercourse, however naturally, the Carrier and the Seeder insert their Depositors into the Mixer's Mixsheath, and thrust repeatedly for a while until ejaculation. To explain it in simplified, more human terms, the Carrier produces X gametes and the Seeder produces Y gametes. These fuse together inside the Mixsheath under the effects of the high internal temperature there. This mixed material is kept there for a few hours, before the last, Z gamete is released into the XY mix and then fuses with the XY mix, finally creating a soup of XYZ Zygotes. These are kept in the mixing sheath for a week, incubating into tiny, not-yet-embryos with a hard shell, before being ''laid'', released from the sheath.
---Juicy Alien Sex Details Over---
After the tiny shelled zygotes are released, the parents choose one of them and place it in the carrier cavity of the Carrier (a hemi-ellipsoid indentation, or 'bowl' in the lower abdomen of a Moki), where it attaches itself to one of the four membranes and starts growing while receiving nutrients from the Carrier's bloodstream through the membrane, much like a Terran mammal through a placenta. When the Zygote-egg attaches itself to the Carrier, glands in the skin on the edges of the carrier cavity start excreting a mucuous substance and a silky webbing, which forms into a cocoon protecting the growing Zygote. This takes about two days, the entirety of which the carrier must spend lying on their back.
Once the cocoon forms, the Carrier can  resume normal locomotion, however as the Zygote becomes an embryo and starts growing, the Carrier becomes weaker. hungrier, more agressive and more vulnerable, and the Seeder and Mixer now take care of the Carrier. The baby Moki will spend 490 diems (Reimian day, ~35 Terran hours each) in the cocoon before the cocoon rips and the Moki comes out, around 90cm tall and weighing 7-10 kilograms. Within 6 weeks it'll grow by 30cm, start walking and tune its voice, and by the end of it's first Crossing (Reimian and Korimian year) of life it'll start saying simple sentences.
Moki Anatomy
The Anatomy of my ancient race of aliens, the Moki, who have, for the most part, been extinct for around 7 billions years, until quite recently anyway.
Kir was born on the moon Korrim, of the planet Reimia. The two orbited a bright sun near the centre of the then young Mutter's Spiral, 2.4 billion years before our sun even existed. Kir lead a normal (for a Korrimian noble) Moki life, eventually becoming a soldier. However when Kir was 24 Crossings old (Crossing - Doremi [Reimia's sun] orbiting it's binary companion - the black hole Korp Rom, around 1.35 Earth years - Making Kir around 33 years old), they discovered an ancient unexplained construct in a canyon on a planet the Moki were mining while on a scouting mission. Kir found a psionic sigil there, which it touched, forcing the psionic energy of all life that ever lived on the planet into Kir's body, binding to its own psionic energy, its consciousness, imbibing it with the pure quantum energy of billions of dead beings. It forced its form to briefly transcend reality before fusing its consciousness directly with the universe's energy field. This moment became known as the Questioning of Reality by the Moki species, though that name would not be used for another twenty crossings.

During the Questioning of Reality, the energy fusion created a momentary wormhole which transported Kir, as well as a cubic mile of the planet, three parsecs away to the system of a Moki world that was being mined. Upon detecting the huge burst of energy and radiation nearby, a ship was sent to its source, where it discovered Kir, a cubic mile of rock, and 80 soldiers slowly suffocating in their armour, many covered in intense burns.

After being inspected by Moki doctors, who found Kir's body to be perfectly healthy and intact, even though a whole week of their memory was gone, Kir was dismissed from the legion and given compensation. Kir returned to Korrim, where, thanks to being born as a noble, it joined the Imperial Council. In time, Kir became Consul. During the admission to office, the coronation, Kir, upon finishing their inauguration speech, was approached by a stocky Moki wearing a robe so black that it seemed like the Moki was a grey head and hands floating in the middle of a robe-shaped hole. This Moki, a psionic seer - very powerful user of the Moki race's naturally weak psionics - placed their hand upon Kir's forehead. The memories of the Questioning of Reality came back to Kir, and they became aware of the power they wielded as a Quantum Being, and then proceeded to faint in front of the Imperial court.

The next day, Kir awoke in the Consular bedroom, surrounded by medics who were staring baffled at the machinery that was dragged in to monitor Kir's condition. It appeared that there was an impossible amount energy contained within Kir's neuro-electric system - such a vast amount that it was impossible to calculate it, as attempting to access it further would likely cause it all to be released. As they stared at Kir, they all asked 'How', and Kir answered, a smirk on its face; 'I have Questioned Reality'.
That day, Kir proclaimed to the Moki Empire what has happened, and repeated the phrase it earlier said to its medics. Moki across the empire started revering Kir as a god, and after the 10 year Consulary period was over, the Consul system was abolished by the Imperial Council, and Kir was proclaimed Imperator and told to lead its race into eternal glory.

Unfortunately, it was not meant to be eternal. After 500 crossings of leading the race, a civilisation was found on the fringes of the Galaxy which grew unnoticed for thousands of years since acquiring sapience until it had become a small interstellar empire in it's own right. The civilisation was made up of very psionic and powerful creatures, who upon meeting with the Moki started to despise them for their psionic weakness, and waged war almost immediately.
The Moki were arrogant due to their power and underestimated their new enemies and their psionic weapons, and lost. Continuously. After merely 200 years of war, their Empire fell. Kir was captured and imprisoned in an energy field harnessing the power of a Neutron Star, where it descended into madness and fell into stasis. The Moki race locked away a time capsule containing their genomes, all of their information, and supplies needed for the resurrection of their race, and set the clock for a time after which it was certain their enemies would have gone extinct - a billion years (many factors cause it to go horribly wrong however).

After 7 billion years, the neutron star powering Kir's prison is swallowed and obliterated by a black hole. The field is destroyed and Kir awakens, filled with pure rage and hate. Driven by this, Kir becomes more powerful, using it's powers like it should have billions of years earlier. It goes on a rampage across the galaxy, murdering hundreds of races, obliterating planets, and wiping out half of the galaxy. As it harvests the psionic energy of these dying beings, it becomes exponentially more powerful, but also slowly starts regaining its sanity.

Kir was summoned to Earth in the year 389 by a seer who unknowingly drew the very psionic sigil that caused Kir to become a Quantum Being and bled on it upon having a nosebleed. Kir immediately killed the seer, and in its weakness as so much of its energy was drained by the sigil, collapsed and blacked out. It was then found and captured in a psionic field by a Psyker, Dako the Mage, who makes a deal that he'll free Kir if Kir shared its power with him. Kir agreed and gave some of its power to Dako, who then became a god and called himself Perun. However Kir became bound to him through the exchange as well as being unable to hurt him, making Kir unable to leave the Earth.
The Life of Kir
A Chronicle describing the life of the Quantum Being Kir, also known as Smert, up until its arrival on Earth in the year 389 CE.
Kir who questioned reality by Koloszrodos
Kir who questioned reality…

it's soemthing improtant shush
an alien god
of sorts
real complicated

drawn by someone who I'm not going to mention
drawn for me though
so this technically belongs to me
but yah


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So I make art sometimes. Sometimes it's even good. I like writing, drawing, splicing, listening to music, watching shiz, homestuck and reading.
I have a tumblr - - It's filled with cool things, funny things and awesome things. Also adult things which shouldn't be mentioned in such a classy establishment as dA. By that I mean porn.
I also sometimes make let's plays on YouTube. Link below if you're interested for some reason [-V-]
Anyway, enough work, I gotta go procrastinate! Adios Amigos.


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